Las Vegas Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

Las Vegas Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Minister & Photographer Fee $50 & $50All Deposits are non-refundable but may be scheduled for a different date & time in the next year.
The Marriage License In Las Vegas Fee (2024): $102

Wedding Package reservations pricing exceptions are holidays such as New Years Eve or ‘Good Luck’ dates such as 01.23.24 when all packages start at $249 and up. $99 Simple Wedding Packages are not available.

We had a wedding last weekend (ex: March 1st, 2024) and we need to know when our high resolution video will be e-mailed to us?

Answer: Your video link will be e-mailed to you between two weeks & a maximum of four weeks

So, I got my video link and what should I do next?

Answer: Download this link ASAP to your Computer/Tablet/Phone and save it. Some wedding packages $299 or higher will if requested also receive a Youtube link to share with family/friends

When my photo link will be posted for us to preview?

Answer: Our photographer works very hard and we usually promise to post your photo link in two weeks and up to a maximum of four weeks. The only exception is holidays such as Valentine’s Day, New Years Eve or ‘Good Luck’ dates such as 01.23.24 when your photography preview link may be delayed slightly longer up to 8 weeks. Rush Processing Of Photos Is An Additional $300 Which Does Not Include The Final Purchase Price But Does Allow You To Purchase Additional Photography & Receive them in time For Special Events like Wedding Receptions/Anniversaries Faster

What does it mean picking photos from the ceremony?

Answer: Each package always includes photos from the ceremony because ceremony is the most important part. It usually starts when bride comes down the aisle and the end when you are pronounced husband and wife

How long does the chapel keep my chosen photos on available to download as a link?

Answer: We keep the link available with your chosen photos no longer than 30 days. After we post your link with photos you have 30 days to save it on your Computer/Tablet/Phone. It is your total responsibility to watch for our email/text regarding the download link. We are not responsible for you missing your photography download link after 30 days has passed

What should I do when I receive my wedding photos digitally as a download link?

Answer: We strongly advise you to save it and we give you 30 days to do so and you may share it with your families & close friends. You may also make a photo cd or save to a USB pen drive for your own back up

What is a copyright release?

Answer: The copyright release is an included file you show to companies who might print your wedding photography for you (ie; Walgreens, Target, Shutterfly etc., and gives you all the rights to print your wedding photos any size you wish and as many copies as you want. Its free and included in all downloads & cds we supply our wedding clients. Cupid’s Wedding Chapel doesn’t charge for it. It will e-mailed to you OR placed as a file on a Photo CD if you come to pick your wedding photos in person

What if I didn’t manage to save my link on my computer? Whom should I call or ask for help?

Answer: Most likely your photos were already deleted BUT we strongly recommend to contact your wedding photographer and ask if by any chance it wasn’t deleted yet. If you feel you are not tech literate/savvy you can arrange in writing with the photographer & make a $60 USD time extension insurance payment that would make your photo download link available for an additional 60 days giving you more time to figure it out or get someone to help you download it

We decided to look at our wedding photos online because after the wedding we went home. What does it mean Two Step Process?

Answer: The Two Step Process means your 1st e-mail will contain a link with ONLY included photos from your package (ex: ceremony, outside, etc read your package carefully before booking). After you pick photos included in your package please, e-mail/text those numbers to your photographer or call the chapel to give those numbers to your wedding planner. The staff communicates daily with each other about messages from our wedding clients. Then your link number two will be e-mailed to you with the rest of your wedding photos what were taken before and after your ceremony for you to additionally purchase if you would like

Our photographer took lots and lots of photos. When we got our link number one we only saw photos from the ceremony and we are wondering where are the rest of them?

Answer: The photographer are advised to do photos before and after your wedding ceremony. Those photos are posted on your second link as extra additional photography where you will decide how many you like and will be able to purchase for your wedding album

We liked our wedding photos from the ceremony and also those ones taken before and after. How much do you charge for every single photo outside of the package?

Answer: Cupids Wedding Chapel charges $40 for every additional photograph that was not already included in your reserved wedding package. If you decide to purchase all the photographs from your Wedding Day then substantial discounts are available

We love our wedding pictures so much and wondering if we want to own every single photo how much would it cost?

Answer: It always depends how many photographs you end up with which can vary depending on things like how many guests you have & want to take photos with. Currently, there are 3 packages we have now & when you purchase all of your wedding photographs we do provide you with a much better price than buying them individually

What should we do if we want to get our photos later? We have no savings for now but we will save up in a few months for sure. What do we have to do?

Answer: Please, e-mail to the chapel or your wedding photographer and ask for time extension. Yes, it has to be ONLY in WRITING…please, do not expect chapel to save your photos for longer than 30 days without notifying us. You can pay a $60 payment plan fee & we will allow partial payments over 3 months (Payments can be made at any interval during the 3 months that you would like) The $60 3 month payment plan fee is not applied to the purchase price as it takes much more work to collect the partial payments

Our photographer said that all the photos will be processed by the Lightroom program? We don’t understand what’s the difference between Lightroom and Photoshop? Please, explain

Answer: Our wedding photographer knows how to use Photoshop and Lightroom to edit the photography but photoshop is basically used on more difficult cases (facial retouching & body contour retouching). Cupid’s Wedding Chapel charges for every requested retouched photoshopped picture $90 USD. Professional retouching using Photoshop is a skill and is not included in the reserved wedding package price. Lightroom software is used for such basic things like: brightening the colors, proper framing, sharpening, etc No charge will be applied at all when our photographer will use Lightroom to edit your wedding photos

If we want to buy a 1080 HD resolution wedding video download separately how much would it cost?

Answer: For high resolution video link the chapel charges $79.00 Please, also wait up to four weeks for your video link and it will be e-mailed to you shortly. 3 Day Rush Video Processing for events like Wedding Reception Viewings is available for $299

We read all of your packages and noticed that we can only borrow silk flowers and bout. Its only for use on the day of our wedding. Our question is if it is ok to bring own silk flowers or even a fresh bouquet ? Would chapel charge me for bringing my own flowers?

Answer: No, of course not. Feel free to bring your own silk flowers or fresh flowers too + bout for your future husband. No charges will be applied

We have more than 10 guests with us and we were wondering if it will fit us all in your chapel?

Answer: We are currently limited to 20 guests seated in the chapel pew seating & can accommodate another 10 standing.

We called earlier to talk about details and we were told that we need to put a deposit. So, when do we have to do it and when do we pay the rest of our balance?

Answer: Simple Wedding Package $99 USD plus NV State Sales Tax must be paid in full to reserve your wedding date & time. Gown & Tux Wedding Package $499 you would make a $200 deposit to reserve your Wedding date & time. Other Cupid’s Wedding Packages you have to put a $100 deposit to reserve a specific date & time and the rest of your balance you may paid on the day of your wedding If you do not supply us with the correct credit/debit card payment information we do not save your reservation as we have to arrange minister & photographers for other wedding clients who do supply the correct information. Deposits made are non-refundable but wedding dates may rescheduled up to 1 year later.

What kind of payment does the chapel accept?

Answer: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and money order. If you pay over the phone be prepared to pay with your credit card or debit card

We stopped by the chapel to say hello to Elvis, & our photographer but it was only the receptionist who greeted us. We were very sad to leave Las Vegas without saying hello to those people who were a part of our special day. What should we do next when we come to Las Vegas and want to say hello?

Answer: Elvis, photographers, and also ministers do not stay at the chapel. They are very busy doing weddings around the Las Vegas area & are only here by appointment. Please, call the chapel and ask for their next scheduled time at the chapel & ask for their time availability

We have a wedding date that we need to cancel within 3 days from the scheduled reservation. Will be charged for the Minister & Photographer Fees?

Answer: Ministers & Photographers are scheduled by appointment. They are taking time to travel to be here for your wedding at a certain time & date and excluding themselves from doing other weddings to be available for your wedding. So yes if you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled reservation you are agreeing to pay charges for Minister & Photographer Fees.

  • Our Photography Shows All Real Couples Married At Cupid's Wedding Chapel. No Models.
  • We do not rotate photographers by wedding package size. The quality you see here is what you will receive on your wedding day.
  • Photography in our wedding packages are delivered as digital files that you own a printable copyright WITH NO WATERMARKS.
    We don't feel it's right to force you to always reorder copies at inflated prices or to pay more to remove a chapel's watermarks over the photographs.